Just because you are VEGAN, does not mean you are eating healthy!

Whew!   I am so over the FAD!

I am an advocate for healthy eating, and getting a few treats every once in a while.  But definitely not all day, every meal, just for taste.

I follow the likes of many on social media (let’s just say I am well diversed..lol)  And I love seeing vegan meals that people come up with.  Some inspire me to make meals, or go out and buy new things to try.  But there are some people out to “profit” off the current vegan trend.  If you currently do not have a healthy relationship with food, no matter what diet you are on, converting to vegan eating will not help you.

There are  blogs and pages that I follow, where people are creating vegan soul food.  And tons and tons and tons of people are jumping on the vegan bandwagon because of it.  Which being Vegan is great!  But not so much when you are still unhealthily eating.  Vegan soul food is not healthy.  It is healthier, in a since that you are getting more vitamins and minerals that you need, but eating “soul food”, vegan or not, you are still overloading on carbs and fats.

If you are looking to gain weight, you need a healthy relationship with clean eating (vegan or non-vegan) before you turn to ANY Soul Food option.  No one on any diet, regular living, weight loss, toning, etc. Should be eating soul food on a daily basis, unless you want to gain unhealthy weight.

Yes, I enjoy vegan soul food, and treats, but ONLY a minimum amount of times per week or every other week. Sometimes even less, being on competition prep.

So how easy it is to shop and eat unhealthy Vegan Foods:

Here are is a list of foods that can be found in any local grocer that you can still eat as a vegan which serves as proof that being Vegan can be unhealthy if you don’t incorporate greens:

  • Cookies (no dairy)
    • Oreos
    • Nutter Butter
    • Whole Foods (all kinds of Vegan assortments)
  • Chips
    • Doritos Sweet Chili
    • Fritos Corn Chips
    • Lays Classic Chips
    • Any kind without cheese
  • Popcorn – no cheese flavors
  • Bagels
  • Crackers
    • Wheat Thins
    • Ritz
    • Club
  • Bac-O’s (can you believe it’s not bacon)
  • Unfrosted Pop Tarts
  • Cakes (no dairy)
  • Candy                   (Why???… because it’s just sugar)
    • Airheads
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Sour Patch Kids/Swedish Fish
    • Twizzlers

…..just to name a few, but there are plenty more

So how do you balance it:

Approach Vegan eating, just as you would any other maintainable diet or lifestyle eating.  For each meal, choose a healthy portion of protein, fats and carbs.

For more specific info on vegan diets for weight loss, join my vegan program at http://www.fitness.musclebling.com

As always for any questions: contact@musclebling.com


Tamara Miche’

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist/ Certified Personal Trainer / Bikini Bodybuilder

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