Being a Vegan and Bodybuilding

The Beginning of My Life as a Vegan

First let me say this!  I didn’t jump on the Vegan bandwagon for trends.  For me, it was actually something that I had thought years about doing.  But also for me, I LOVE FOOD!  So much so, that my biggest dream was to travel the world on a food tour.  And since I have wanted to do this, this was the number one reason why I didn’t convert 2.5 years ago when I first thought about it.

Now with vegan eating growing and expanding. I still want to do the food tour, VEGAN, of course.  But my infatuation with food has definitely changed.  I initially started a clean diet, 7 years ago.  I was the typical 5 a day regular coke drinker who gained so much weight and didn’t notice it until I took a picture.  Let’s just say this…. I haven’t looked back since.  Three years ago, I got divorced and channeled that negative energy into the gym.  I found bodybuilding and loved everything about it, even the diet.  And now since had gotten into the norm of  how to manipulate my diet on purpose for weight gain or loss, I was perplexed about switching my diet completely and doing what I knew would work, now without meat.

Fast forward to 6 months ago.   During my bodybuilding tenure, I have learned how to eat for weight loss, gotten certified in fitness nutrition and managed a healthy and unhealthy relationship with food.  From binging to eating right, binging, eating right, etc.  My body was not enjoying that up and down ride.  So I decided through all the fish from prep, that I was over it, and since I prep most of the year anyway, I had become a pescatarian (eating only fish/vegetables) without even knowing it.  So I thought why not drop the fish, but still eat dairy.  That did NOT agree with me either. If you are trying something new, listen to your body.  I then watched, “What the health” and now I am totally out the meat/dairy game for what I consider will be a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, I like meat, but if I don’t have a farm, or a friend with a farm, that I know that’s producing the meat the correct way,  I will just stay away.

6 Months In

I am currently 6 months into living a Vegan “eating” lifestyle.  I also am, however, conscious about leather/fur. So I am not completely converted, but as far as eating, I am definitely a vegan.

I am enjoying being Vegan. From finding out new ways to eat foods that I previously enjoyed and exploring food in it’s most healthy state to get the most out of beneficial eating and being satisfied at the same time.

In all honesty, I am dying to be vegan off competition prep so I can enjoy life as a vegan.  Competition prep is not fun (the eating part) vegan or not.

One thing I want to make a clear point on.  JUST BECAUSE YOUR VEGAN, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE EATING HEALTHY!  <— read this post

Being a certified Fitness Nutritionist, I can say to you.  If your goal  is to lose weight, no matter WHAT diet you are one, meat, no meat, all veggies, etc.  Each meal should have a balanced portion of carbs, protein and fats.

It is my opinion “no one should be on a no carb diet” – carbs are your energy source, you function off carbs.  If you take them out of your everyday diet, something will not function. You will be tired, get headaches and that is just a short list.

Learn how to eat “Good carbs” —- (sweet potatoes, red potatoes, rice (brown or white),   and eat the portion size.  If you make pancakes, eat the portion size. If you eat cereal, eat the portion size. If you go out, know how to eyeball a portion of rice.   Most of the time, it’s not the food we eat, it’s how much of the food we eat, as to where we go wrong.


So what do I eat for prep:

My list is short, but for low sodium and fat these are always in my cart

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu (Extra Firm)
  • Braggs Amino Acids
  • Avocado
  • Rice
  • Cashew Milk (for protein shake)
  • Red/Sweet potato
  • ALLL the Veggies (Eat your greens)
    • Cucumber, Mushrooms, Kale, Spinach, Green Beans, Broccoli, Zucchini, Squash (just to name a few)

And I always have Spirulina (<– look into that healthy super food) and Greens powder to mix into my protein shakes for added nutrients.

Off Prep I will throw in:

  • Beyond Meat Burgers
  • Beyond Meat Crumbles
  • Morning Farms Grilled Chicken (not really chicken)
  • Morning Farms Pork

I use those to make tacos, stir-fry, burgers, sandwiches…..just to name a few

Biggest Vegan Misconceptions

  1. Too expensive
    • Vegan food is NOT expensive.  Buying fruits and vegetables during prep, will cost me $30-$40 a week. Off prep maybe $60
    • You get more for your money – You can get more meals out of a shopping trip eating vegan than you can on a non-vegan diet because meat
  2. I am going to miss my favorite foods

    • The alternatives are a life saver.
      • Daiya – has cheese (DELICIOUS)…taste just like cheese to me
        • They also have mac and cheese, ranch dressing, [pizza, etc…
      • Yogurt – there are non-dairy alternatives
      • Ice Cream – delish – try Halo Tops non dairy version.  I just found a new brand that I can’t wait to try after prep and the ENTIRE pint is just 4 carbs (no guilt there)
      • Cookies – There are plenty that don’t have dairy
      • Pizza  — know what you are eating, you can get these anywhere
  3. Going out – There will be nothing to eat

    • Almost ALL restaurants can make a vegan version of something.  At the very least
      • At a fine dining restaurant – more than likely they will have vegan options, but definitely you can get a veggie plate
      • At fast food restaurants – fries are vegan (just potatoes and oil)

There are ALWAYS options

Point being – there are always options.  No excuses for not taking the Vegan dive if you have been thinking about it.  And if you got any questions, you can ask me.

I also offer vegan diet plans at

Send me an email if you have any questions

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