About Me and Muscle Bling™

How I got to Fitness?

I have been active my entire life, from ballet, jazz, tap, track and cheer-leading, I was always into living an active lifestyle through college.  Life happened and I got divorced in 2014, and I needed somewhere to put my negative energy.  For me, going to the gym was my outlet. And it’s when I decided on the goal to compete in my first bikini competition in 2015. I fell in love with the sport after the first show and 4 years later I am competing on the national level trying to earn professional status in the IFBB league.

While working as an Analyst in IT for the last 14 years alongside competing the last 4 years, my career passion changed. The ultimate goal became to make fitness a full time career and lifestyle. After three layoffs, the last being June 2019, I decided to dive into entrepreneurship.  I feel like the universe was speaking to me since the first lay-off, I just wasn’t listening.   I then attained my Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Certifications in 2017 and I’ve gone from 1-on-1 gym training to online training offering packages that help lifestyle and female competitors excel on their personal journeys.  Muscle Bling™ started as a competition wear company for competitors but it is now a multi-branch company which host Online Fitness & Nutrition Programs as well as hand-made Competition wear for each division in female bodybuilding.

Why I started Muscle Bling™

I have always been creative.  But can you imagine prepping for your first show and your suit doesn’t reach you until ONE day before the show.  And guess what, it didn’t fit.  It was then, I vowed for that to never happen again for another competitor.I found a new creative niche’.   (Loved the suit by the way)…But I was stressed out. And guess what my feedback was,

“Suit is ill-fitted” …… The horror!

All of that pressure added with my first time ever competing was way too much.  So I decided to focus on making an adjustable suit.  Bottoms and tops.  And Muscle Bling™ is the result of that.  I am a competitor and a creative soul, so why not merge the two.

I want athletes to not have any worries when it comes to having a suit for the show.  Muscle Bling™ also doesn’t price gouge.  I will be honest and say, it’s because we don’t use Swarovski crystals.

Here’s why?  “Bodybuilding is an expensive hobby!” Most girls want a new suit, every few shows, and I want you to have the ability to afford different suits and not tank your budget. And I, as a competitor know how much the stones cost, how much the shows cost, hotels, meals, etc.)  We do use glass stones, but we have searched high and low for the best quality and sparkly ones. (FYI…most suit companies either mix them or 100% use glass stones, believe me I’ve seen enough up close to know.)

Over the years, since I have been competing in the sport of bodybuilding, I have also become more aware of the ‘bro’ diet and how to attain a competitor physique the healthy way. After living on a clean diet (no processed foods) for 5 1/2 years, I decided to go vegetarian.  Well that lasted for 2 weeks…lol.  Now I am vegan, and I love it.   I will be getting back to growing my own garden (starting with avocado and tomatoes) and living life as clean and self-sustained as possible.

So make sure to check out my blog where I share my life’s journey with all those who are interested, in hopes to display a positive and helpful experience of lifestyle.

Hope to meet you one day as I travel the world spreading a wealth of knowledge about being a healthier you!

~Tamara Miche’